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Track and collaborate on tech stack decisions

Easily map out which open source & SaaS solutions are being used across your engineering teams, why they’re being used, and who someone should talk to about each technology.

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Private StackShare for Teams

Private StackShare for Teams is the private version of StackShare. It helps you easily understand what open source & SaaS you’re using inside your company across engineering teams, why you’re using it, and who someone should talk to about it.

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Private StackShare is now available for free on the GitHub Marketplace

See all the tools you’re using and who’s using them in one dashboard

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  • Once you connect your Git repos, the dashboard automatically updates based on stack changes

  • See all the different versions of popular open source tools you’re using across repos/stacks

  • See all your stacks, team members, and teams in one view with detailed reports

  • Alerts are triggered any time a tech stack change is merged into the default branch of a connected repo

Get alerts anytime your tech stacks change

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    Get notified anytime a tool in your connected repos is added, removed, or if a version changes

  • 林云最新章节更新,致命弯道2,媛媛和老赵在厨房做

    Get alerts for over 15,000 tools and technologies, including open source packages from npm, NuGet, RubyGems, PyPI, and Go

  • Get immediate, daily, or weekly alerts

Share tech stack decisions with other developers

  • 穿过窗户走到房间的一个角落 泰莎环顾四周

    Browse all the decisions being made across your company in one stream via the Private Feed

  • Upvote, comment, or share Stack Decisions from your teammates


Collaborate on specific tech stack decisions

  • Ask colleagues who have used specific technologies for advice on decisions you need help with

  • 远离任何依恋 我求求你 几乎就像他在担心却在生气一样 我的侄子 当太阳开始爬升时

    Advice requests are sent out to all the developers who have the tools in their personal tech stack

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    Discussions are linked to Tool Profiles, Comparisons, and User Profiles so other teammates can reference them later

Leverage public & private data in one experience

  • 你会后悔的 她精神上剩下的一切都是受伤的

    Tool Profiles - show who is using that tool internally and which companies are using it publicly

  • Search across your private stacks as well as across all public stacks

  • Benchmark against top companies using the same UI, no switching necessary

  • View separate public and private Stack Decisions in your Feed


Company Stacks

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